Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cheep Cheep Chirp

The eggs in the nest on our front door hatched and now we have 3 little birds chirping away in their nest. Sometimes if we leave the door open too long they will fall/fly into our house and Bret has to escort them back to their nest. They are adorable but I'm not to fond of the wall of poo they dispersed around the nest. Sick.


Colton said...

Well, I guess you can pretty solidly refute the wives' tale that touching baby birds causes them to be abandoned by their mothers. It sounds like you could have the whole family inside for a game of Scrabble and mom wouldn't care.

Bret said...

I made sure I didn't touch it with my hands when we put it back in the nest. I used a paper towel and quickly put it in so I think the Mama didn't notice.

Barnes Blog said...

dude! Check out my bloggity, our little birdies hatched too!