Sunday, May 13, 2012

the last five months

I'm going to skip the excuses for not blogging one single photo or blip of text for the last five months. I'm a ball juggler and a bad one at that so while I am trying to keep most of my balls in the air (kids, business, home and husband) other balls (blogging, free time, hobbies etc.) hit the floor and stay there for a while. What's done is done though so now for the fun part... the return to blogging :0

I'd love to recap the whole last five moths right here, right now but I wouldn't even know where to begin so I shall start with the bright spot in our house.  Little miss sunshine just turned 5 months old on Friday, GASP!

This is her on her first day home from the hospital. From day one she has been an easy happy baby despite all the breathing complications and extra long stay in the hospital. She is for sure 100% girl in every way except that she spits up around the clock. Kingston and Lo never did spit up as much as she does so it's been a new challenge for me.

This is her at 2 months old. We had a little ice cream outing with our besties at Swirl It in Gilbert. She is my first blue eyed baby and it's looking as though she has golden red hair.

This is her at 3 months. She learned how to roll over at 3 months so she adapted to play mats and baby toys really quickly because she is a girl on a mission. I pretty sure the camera loves her!

Here she is at 4 months in her room again. At 4 months she transitioned to formula because I wasn't able to feed her anymore. I thought formula was supposed to be more filling for babies but she upped her feedings from 4 oz every 4 hours to 6 oz every 2 hours. Hungry much? I'm sure her spit up problem doesn't help keep her satisfied when she yacks up half of what she drinks. That's why I just started introducing her to solids. The girl is a natural born eater. I thought her first bowl of food would be a yucky sticky fail but she downed the whole bowl in less than 5. So the spit up problem seems to be much better and all is well again. She loves to sputter and smack her lips together,  roll around in circles and get tangled in her blankets. She likes vanilla scented soothies, fresh bananas and her favorite song is Smile by Nat King Cole. She is the sun spot in my every day I'm devoutly attached to her.

Kingston is equally happy to have his new sister in our family. He asks about her first thing when he wakes up and his number one concern every day is her. He kisses her, sings to her and does silly things to make her laugh and smile. It's absolutely the most fulfilling thing as a mom to see one sibling love and protect another sibling the way Kingston does.

London. Oh my darling random Lo. Who knows what she thinks about Dempsey or anything else for that matter. She truly lives in her own world with her own rules. Surely no one in our house is as entertaining as Lo. One thing I admire about her is that she is 100% confident in who she is and what she likes. I try to learn from her and be as sure of myself as she is.  

 I have 3 reasons to feel so blessed and happy today on Mother's Day. I don't really look forward to Mother's Day bc I know I'm not as good of a mom as I could be. It's hard not to dwell on all of my weaknesses as their mom knowing that they deserve so much better. However, I do appreciate the reminder that I need to do better and try harder to be everything I can for them. I realize that it's the greatest blessing in the world to have children of my own and I know I take that for granted daily. *Sigh! I think I will go play with them right now actually. By for now!

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Shelley said...

Becki, YOU MADE A POST! I'm always so happy to read about my beautiful grandchildren. You are a wonderful mother, never feel guilty. All of us feel far from perfect as mothers! It is hard to believe that Dempsey is already 5 months old and I've only seen her twice!! Ugg!